Fly-fishing courses and guidance

Benefit from the supervision of the experienced fisherman Bernd Kuleisa

Anyone who does a fly-fishing course will almost certainly get hooked. Being close to nature, enjoying the freedom to follow your passion, and the challenge of pitting your skills against a fish. It could become your hobby, too.

The Forstinger family has leased some of the best fishing waters around Schärding. Refer to the list below to find out about the one-day courses run by Bernd Kuleisa They can be booked for one person only, or by two anglers wishing to share the fee. Depending on your personal requirements, there are interesting courses for beginners and advanced fly-fishers alike, featuring clear guidance and achieving a considerable improvement of your technique.

28th Sept. 2019 until 4th Oct. 2019
20th Apr. 2020 until 25th Apr. 2020

The courses can be booked via our hotel or by contacting Bernd Kuleisa.

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