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Hotel Forstinger in Schärding

The special charm of the Antiesen river

One of the most diverse fishing waters in Upper Austria

The Antiesen river is 20 kilometres long; its lower boundary is only 14 kilometres away from the hotel. The route starts near the town border of Ried im Innkreis. It certainly offers a pleasant fishing trip for anyone. The course of the Antiesen river is punctuated by small power plants with weirs and mills, which are part of its special charm. Frequently, the biggest fish are precisely in those mills. The small channels of the Antiesen river also offer great fly-fishing opportunities with salmonids and cyprinids. This Upper Austrian fishing water has mixed stock. It is rich in

  • European chub
  • common barbel
  • common nase
  • grayling
  • brown and rainbow trout

and presents passionate fly fishers with excellent opportunities and challenges.

Hotel Forstinger, the meeting point for fly fishers

Long-standing friends of the Hotel Forstinger routes almost always stay in our house, where even the owners are enthusiastic about the sport. Newcomers can get a lot of good tips and friendly advice here. Most of our fishing guests focus on the salmonids. Brown and rainbow trout between four and five kilogrammes are more common than you may think – we’re not joking! If you are lucky, you can even catch a nice grayling, whose numbers are on the rise again.

Fishing at one of the most beautiful fishing waters in Austria is popular with fly fishers all over the world. And they love staying at the Hotel Forstinger in Schärding, where guests get exclusive fishing permits – get in touch or book online now! We wish you a great catch! Click here for more information: Antiesen.pdf

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