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Hotel Forstinger in Schärding

Fly fishing at its finest.

A sophisticated route with densely foliaged shores

The Mühlheimer Ach river is 3 kilometres long and 28 kilometres away from the Hotel Forstinger. Many of our guests who visit for the express purpose of indulging in some fly fishing consider this river the ultimate destination among the Forstinger routes. They enjoy the large amount of

  • brown trout and
  • rainbow trout

From spring until late autumn, you can lure truly impressive specimens to the surface using seasonally appropriate patterns. Of course, surface activity follows the hatching phase of the insects at the rivers; outside of these periods, deep nymphs are more likely to bring you success.

Anyone visiting Upper Austria to fly-fish will find that the Ach river fulfils all of their wishes. Real big fish are waiting underneath the overhanging tree branches – stalk them carefully and hone your throwing technique, and they will soon be yours! Getting one of these impressive guys onto your fishing rod after a perfectly-timed trolling period will doubtlessly give you a thrill.