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Hotel Forstinger in Schärding

Stay e-mobile

Charge up your electric vehicle and head out to discover the Innviertel

At the Hotel Forstinger, everything is done with sustainability in mind: from the organic egg during breakfast, eaten high above the roofs of Schärding, to the charging unit for electric vehicles in our own underground car park. Our AMTRON Light 11 e-charging station can charge all commercially available electric cars. Simply plug in a mode-3 cable to start. The station can supply up to 11 kW, but its actual output depends on the charging controller of your vehicle. While your car is being charged, head to the town square for a coffee or go for a wander along the picturesque Silberzeile street. Once your e-vehicle is ready to go, make sure to save some time for trips through the leafy landscapes of the Innviertel and to the nearby town of Passau.

Charging an electric car (includes parking in the hotel car park): € 25