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Hotel Forstinger in Schärding

New! Lukas Steak – A Great Alternative

Many of our guests are already familiar with ‘Lukas’ – an excellent fine-dining restaurant located only a couple of doors down from our hotel. Now, there’s a great new restaurant – Lukas Steak – this time just a few seconds up the road across the upper town square. The name of the locale says it all. Steak’s the name and steak’s the game!


To quote the boss himself:

"At Lukas Steak we’ve seized the chance to distinguish ourselves from the old familiar steakhouses. Here, only the very best cuts make it to your plate, such as our much-sought-after and very tender veal from female calves, extremely intensive tasting extra-old (X.O.) dry-aged beef, as well as bison and Japanese wagyu. Exquisite meats remain the stars of the show, but are now accompanied by luxury produce such as Bavarian shrimps, goose foie gras, lobster and caviar."


Try Lukas Steak – you’ll love it!
Just like everyone who has already been here. At Hotel Forstinger it’s always a pleasure to help you to reserve a table. This is a necessity as the restaurant is already in great demand.

Bon appétit!