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Hotel Forstinger in Schärding

Cheers: the Innviertel beer region

A curvy landscape, hearty people and a pleasurable lifestyle

The process that turns hops, malt, barley and water into beer is an exciting experience you should not miss. Luckily, many of the breweries in Innviertel are more than happy to showcase their skill, which they have honed to perfection. The Innviertel area has long established a reputation as a gentle, cultural landscape. But only few know: it is also the most interesting beer region of Austria. With eight private breweries and more than 60 types of beer, you will find a true treasure trove of taste and enjoyment.

A meander through Innviertel never gets boring. Above all, the region is characterised by beautiful landscapes dotted with lush meadows, forests and fields. And no matter if you are a beer drinker or just looking for a hearty meal: food and drink alike are prepared and produced with the greatest respect for tradition and quality.

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