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Hotel Forstinger in Schärding

Friends of the Forstingers, in short: FdHF

We may not be the most exclusive club in the world …

… but we are the warmest, friendliest quite possibly the most fun! Rather than a traditional fishing club or even association, we are a jolly crowd that has been together for 35 years already: the “Friends of the Forstingers” are a close circle of fly fishers who meet annually at the Hotel Forstinger for a week of fun and fishing. Of course, the sport is at the centre of this community, which is really quite special (especially friendly!) but not at all elitist.

It was founded in 1982 by Willi Forstinger, Willi Pick and a few close friends. Over the years, this circle of friends grew steadily. Not just in terms of its “member” count: also on a geographical level. The friends who gather at the hotel every April come from many different parts of the globe: Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Singapore, Brazil, Canada and the US.

Willi Forstinger and Willi Pick, lovingly nicknamed the “President”, are still the main driving forces behind the club to this day. Of course, a special mention goes to their “First Ladies”, Margarethe Forstinger and Martha Pick, who actively support the group. Today, our new chef, Margret Forstinger, and her husband, Frank Eder, are continuing the tradition as enthusiastic fly fishers who are deeply committed to their sport.

The Forstinger family is very proud of its circle of friends! It includes many well-knows fly fishers, some of whom you may even recognise on the photos on this page.



 28th April until 5th May 2019